Simple to Use Drag-and-Drop Technology

The DoxCity System is total automation for your medical office.

The intuitive user-friendly interface of the DoxCity System can help your staff navigate through all of the DoxCity modules, and perform the most sophisticated and cross-linked tasks with a few clicks of the mouse. Mistakes are eliminated and efficiency is dramatically increased!

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To schedule a patient into a time slot, type the first few letters of the name (whether first or last) and let the auto search find the patient for you. Then, simply drag-and-drop the patient's name into the appropriate time slot of your appointment book.

To see information for a patient already scheduled in your appointment book, select an appointment, then drag-and-drop the appointment onto the Patient Information icon.

If you'd like to see photographic records of a patient, there's no need to shuffle through mounds of paperwork or files. Just select a patient and drag-and-drop onto the Photo Gallery icon.

Don't waste time on difficult software programs that are impossible to operate. The DoxCity System is optimized for usability.