Medical Office Software Testimonials

“Before DoxCity, our office was a mess. Patient and office files were difficult to keep organized on a daily basis. But with the DoxCity system, we no longer have to worry about organization. DoxCity does it for us!”


“DoxCity is great for any medical office. We don't have to dig around for photos anymore; now we just use the Patient Photo Gallery.”


“Without a doubt, we love the drag-and-drop feature of the DoxCity software. It takes no time to teach new staff. We highly recommend it!”


“Easy, fast, and a lifesaver! What more can I say?”

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Below you will find just some of the clients that have taken the next step in medical office management and patient service. DoxCity is proud to have them and we look forward to many more years of dedicated service.

Women's College Hospital,
Dermatology Laser Clinic

York Vein Clinic
Dr. Philip Kritzinger

Skin Med Laser Clinic
Dr. Ben Choy, Dr. Godwin Tang

Skin Surgery Centre
Dr. Christian Murray, Dr Novel Solish, Dr. A. Chan

Middleton Cosmetic Clinic
Dr Bill Middleton

Briarwood Cosmetic Surgical Centre
Dr. Stephen Brown

McLean Clinic
Dr. Hugh McLean

Oakridges Dermatology Clinic

Dr. Assad Plastic Clinic
Dr. Christopher Assad

East York Physio Clinic
Dr. Amir Khajavi

Dr O'Grady Clinic
Dr. Kevin O'Grady

Centre For Vein Care
Dr. Rolando Corpus, Dr. Todd Corpus

The Segall Cosmetic Clinic

Dr Sharma Dermatology Clinic
Dr. Shakti Sharma

Laser Derm Clinic
Dr. Sharyn Laughlin and Dr. Dudely

Noor Medical Mart
Dr. R Aurora, Dr. Janice Faulkner, Dr. A. Thomas

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic
Dr. B. Yazdanfar