Patients Medical Records Software Features

DoxCity Medical Office Management Software enables you and your staff to operate your medical office professionally and efficiently.

The DoxCity System includes the following vital features:

Electronic Data Transfer

Communication between your office and the Ministry of Health has never been faster, or easier. Read more about Electronic Data Transfer

Email Integration

Keep in touch with the Email Integration feature. Learn more about Email Integration

Multi-user Access Control

Rest assured, your computer system is safe with Multi-user Access Control

Expandable & Network Ready

The same information, at the same time. DoxCity is Expandable & Network Ready

Drag-and-Drop Technology

Who knew software could be this easy and intuitive? Read more about Drag-and-Drop Technology

Quality Technical Support

We're here for you. Learn more about Quality Technical Support from DoxCity.

Standard Peripheral Support

Improve efficiency with Standard Peripheral Support

Safe & Secure Database Structure

Your data is your most valuable asset. Keep it safe with the Safe & Secure Database Structure of DoxCity.


Schedule & Resource Manager

The Schedule and Resource Manager is a convenient and all encompassing scheduling program for your medical office. Learn more about Schedule and Resource Manager

OHIP & Insurance Billing

Billing can get complicated, but with the OHIP & Insurance Billing feature, it's easy. Read more about OHIP & Insurance Billing

Patient Photo Gallery

Photographic records are sorted and categorized with Patient Photo Gallery

Management & Statistical Reports

The DoxCity System allows you to monitor the operations and finances of your medical office. Read more on Management & Statistical Reports

Inventory Management

Taking inventory is time consuming. Expedite the process with the Inventory Management feature.

Accounting & Sales Control

Having a hard time keeping your books in order? Read more about the Accounting & Sales Control feature.

Marketing Tools & Analysis

Maintain your competitive edge with the Marketing Tools & Analysis feature of DoxCity.